Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we create American Tracers?
We built American Tracers to help real estate professionals nationwide to improve their business systems and processes. We focus on data sets and breaking down data to provide solutions in the market.
How much does American Tracers cost?
What if we do not use all of my search credits?
Your search credits will roll-over each month. We understand that you may not be able to use all of your search credits each month and other months you may search more.
How good is American Tracers's data?
Our data is compiled from several national databases. We feel our data is the best available and we continue to build relationships with other data outlets.
Can you guarantee the data is 100% accurate?
No, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. No one can. We try our best to give the best data available in the market place.
How are the packages different from one another?
A. $47 package is for real estate professionals just starting out and testing our company. The price is a little higher for owner look ups and phone numbers. This includes email support. B. $97 package is for experienced real estate professionals that are doing more volume and reviewing more properties.
What is your refund policy?
We do not offer a refund policy and subscriptions can be canceled at any time if you are unhappy with our services.
How do I cancel my subscription?
You can login to the portal and on the bottom right hand side, hit cancel.
How can I contact American Tracers if I have a question or concern?
We prefer email and will respond within 24 hours. Admin@americantracers.com
Can I use the credit I have on my dashboard to pay for a batch request?
Unfortunately, the batching program and our dashboard are two different services and not connected on the same billing platform.
Can your service help me locate heirs if the owner is deceased?
Absolutely, we ask that you only insert the last name and address when entering in information. American Tracers is always available to assist as well if you are having issues.
Why does someone have to be a member in order to batch with American Tracers?
Our data is the best available and requires verification checks and approvals on our end.
If I use all of my searches for the month, can I add additional searches?
Yes, you can purchase additional searches and stay at the same price as your selected package.
Am I charged per record submitted or records that receive hits?
We charge per record submitted. We decided to drop our pricing to offer our customers a better solutions.
If I cancel my subscription, what happens to my credits?
If you canceled your subscription, your credits will be suspended until you reactivate your account.

Still have questions?

If you still have some query about any american tracers stuff, or just want to talk with us, send a message!